Calen (BK 1 My Soul To Keep Series) by Rie McGaha

Calen (BK 1 My Soul To Keep Series) by Rie McGaha
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Monday, June 14, 2010

Wyntress Nyght's Supernatural Crack: Exes & Hexes by C.H. SCARLETT

Title: Wyntress Nyght's Supernatural Crack: Exes & Hexes
Release Date: June 14, 2010
Author Website
Publisher: Noble Romance Publishing 
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Genre: Paranormal/Fantasy/Humor/Erotic Romance

"Good evening my delicious little darklings of darkness. Wyntress Nyght, here, serving up your forbidden dose of supernatural crack. So hook up your IVs, roll up the psychic and toke her, or offer up your shot glass for some ectoplasmic delight. For I have the phantasmal kick you have all been jonzing for. No DTs here, my darklings, only the monster of all dragons for you to chase . . . me! Now, for those readers who are new to my witch-board of communications, allow me to sinfully boast a little about the place I haunt. It’s the Other World, the Underworld, or a label I am rather fond of and prefer, Hell." 

*Gasps* Did she say Hell? 

That she did, so flip a page and you’ll realize what a hilarious but darkly adventurous thrill ride Hell can be. And who knew it would have all started with an ex-Fanger and the kidnapping of his new coffin screamer. Toss in a lusty Were, a mischievous Zombie, a Dominion of Chaos, some too-damn-sexy Demons, a mysteriously malicious and hidden plot, plus whatever other zany characters of Hell pop up, and we have the reasons why there’s never a boring moment in the death of Wyntress Nyght! 
Now, grab a dry pair of knickers just in case yours get moist from laughing, and open the book already. Wyntress hates to be left waiting by the grave! 

Welcome, C.H. Scarlett. I’m thrilled to have you as my guest.
Can you tell us the journey you embarked upon to your first publishing contract?
Well it was a long and clueless road. I didn't have any idea as to where to begin, which is probably why it took me years to figure it out. Sooner or later, though, you get into the right circles, someone points you into the right directions, or you start figuring out what to Google.

Which author(s) inspire you and why?
My inspirations don't really come from fiction. They come from non-fiction. I adore Normandi Ellis for showing me that simplicity can expose divinity. And I adore Barbara G. Walkers for showing me that no matter how sore the subject, how controversial or how protested, it's worth writing about.

Do you have a favorite book that you’ve written, and if so, what is your favorite scene?
Well that would probably be the one I just released, all because of the mood I am currently in. My favorite scene would probably be all of them. It's hard to choose when it comes to Wyntress Nyght.

But if you ask me tomorrow, it might be something else. lol

Your favorite book by another author?
The only fiction author that really comes to mind, that really rocked my world is VC Andrews. I remember reading Flowers in the Attic when I was a teen thinking how addictive is it to read about something more dysfunctional than what exists behind my own shut doors. And believe me, it was a bloody miracle that I could find anything more dysfunctional than my , lol. Still, I miss books like that. I think stories should be written under the notion that 'Anything can and will freakin' happen.' I get so stressed seeing debates on message boards concerning fiction movies and or books where someone says, 'that is not possible.' or 'a person would not do that.' To me, anything is possible . . . and while WE might not do that, or we assume we wouldn't because how do we know firsthand, that character would, and gods love em, they did!

What book(s) are reading right now?
Right now, I am reading a book called Interdimensional Communication. I'm afraid that I read more non-fiction and more reference books rather than anything else now days. Anything that deals with myths, lore, gods, goddesses, mystical or mystic, I am totally hooked on.

If you could choose one author to co-write a book with who would it be?
Probably no one. I hate to say that, but it's true. Other writers scare the hell out of me lol. 
What do you think makes a good Paranormal or Fantasy story?
When someone can take an original subject or an old favorite and make something new happen. I can tell when someone has researched something because usually, it doesn't include a myth that was created by another author years, or even centuries ago. It takes a true writer to go out there and dig up origins or the actual legend, or to create a new origin or legend. What makes a good story is when a writer doesn't get hung up on what CAN happen, or what IS possible . . . and they just let their imagination fly. Those writers are out there, too, but they are usually with smaller pubs because the bigger ones are sometimes frightened to publish what is 'different.'

What makes a scene sexy?
The surrounding circumstances, the moment, and the characters.

Who gets the best lines in your stories? Males or Females?
Well, it depends. Wyntress Nyght rules but she has those who run a close second. (Don't tell her I said that, though.)

What is one of your favorite lines said by one of your characters?
Geez, there are so many . . . but as of now, I guess it would be when Wyntress tells another character . . .  "The best of you ran down the crack of your momma's ass and stained the bed sheet." I don't know why but I love that saying . . . maybe because it applies to so many lol. Joke.

If you could be a character in one of your books, which book and what would your character be?
Depends on what day you catch me. Some days I want to be Samanth┼Ľa from Bound by Blood. Most days I am envious of Wyntress Nyght, though, and she knows it.

Do you think a geeky, nerdy, dorky H/H would be as interesting or accepted as the beautiful Greek god/goddess ones we read about all the time?
Yep, in fact more so. Because we are only geeky, nerdy, and dorky in the eyes of those who follow trends, and want to be the Barbie's of society. While media says this is what we want . . . we know damn well it isn't. All it takes is a good writer to emphasize what we already are . . . and that's where the true God and Goddess exists . . . through our worlds, in the birth of fiction. There, if you tell the geeky, nerdy, dorky H/H that they aren't all that, then they kick your butt with some cool super move, while catching the eye of the hottest hottie. Because sexy is sexy, no matter what.

If you were a villain in a new book you were writing, what type of villain would you be and what’s the title of the book?
Hmmm, again, it's all in the world of Wyntress Nyght. But that's anyone there . . . because they are all bad, and we love and envy them for it.

You are super hero in the hypothetical book, When Planets Collide, what is your super hero name and do you wear a cape and tights?
Hmmm, well I don't know about that book but in my own version, I'd be Wonder-Bitch and would have a Wonder-Bitch cape. I don't think it matters what I am wearing since I have the Wonder-Bitch cape on. Who would argue with me? Who would tell me my fashion sucks?

What was one of the most surprising things you learned writing your books?
Wow, I can play god and it is really fun to muck with people (characters).  

Before we say goodbye, could you tell us about your latest release and maybe give us an excerpt?
Well, first, thank you for the opportunity. The book is called Wyntress Nyght's Supernatural Crack: Exes & Hexes Book 1.
I think the blurb I posted above really says it all. And just so I don't destroy the space on the blog or anything, I'll link you to my publisher's website where they have an excerpt up, an entire chapter, even.


  1. I got hooked on V.C. Andrews and her series, too. Gruesome tales. It's great that you search for something to hang a new twist on. Good luck with the novels.

  2. Hi Rie and CH,
    I'm sorry to say that VC Andrews never did it for me. However, Anne MacCaffrey's Pern series featuring dragons and their flyers or would you say pilot. She just sucked me into her adventures on a planet called Pern. I bonded with my own dragon in my dreams. Fantasy is my first love when it came to what books I would read unril I became a teenager and romance stories and dreams of Prince Charming stole me away.