Calen (BK 1 My Soul To Keep Series) by Rie McGaha

Calen (BK 1 My Soul To Keep Series) by Rie McGaha
A love so deep, even time stands still...

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Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Welcome to the Spotlight, Glenn. I'm thrilled you could join me today.

Hi Rie, Thanks for inviting me.

Before we get down to business here, I just want to say thank you for agreeing to this interview. I'd also like to mention that I had the real pleasure of sharing a spot in the anthology, Cocked & Fully Loaded (Noble Romance Publishing) with GR Bretz and I've been in love ever since!

Ah shucks, color me flattered.

First, tell everyone what genre you write and why you decided to be a writer.

My two novels and two short stories have all been in the erotic romance genre. I decided to write for the same reason I decided to drink and do drugs. I needed to escape from reality.

LOL I'm glad your sense of humor hasn't suffered! Do you remember the first thing you ever wrote? What was it, have you recently reread it and what do you think of it?

I definitely remember the first thing I ever wrote. It was my epic spec-fic trilogy. It spanned fourteen centuries and fifteen hundred pages, single-spaced. Of course, it was un-publishable, as most first novels are.

My first serious attempt at publishing something was Absinthe Eyes & Other Lies, which was published by Noble Romance. It’s a dark and decadent look at alcoholism and insanity; an art eats artist sort of thing.

What is a typical writing day like for you?

There is no typical writing day for me. My days are as unique as snowflakes and frequently as insubstantial.

You recently told me you've gone into another genre or area of writing, what exactly is it you're doing and why the switch?

I’ve been writing short stories for the spec-fic market. I think a writer’s best chance at success, and personal satisfaction, is to write what they most love reading. For me, that’s spec-fic and especially short stories. I enjoy the challenge of telling a complete story in five or six thousand words.

Is writing your career or do you have a wicked day job that keeps you from your muse?

Sadly, I have a wicked day job. My muse is the love of my life, but she doesn’t pay the bills. I don’t mind supporting her. Hopefully, someday she’ll do the same for me.

Writing can be a pretty cushy job and done in your pj's. How cushy is it for you?

Physically, it’s very cushy. However, much of what I write is very dark and has to do with characters dealing with their worst fears and insecurities. So, it does leave me drained on an emotional level.

If you suddenly could never write again, what would you do? Do you have a fall back job?

I suppose if I couldn’t write anymore, I’d read even more and listen to a lot of sad music.

You've written some pretty provocative pieces. What's your inspiration behind these stories?

There’s a bit of me in every male lead I write. It tends to be that part of me that I keep hidden from the world. In life, you have to filter your thoughts and words for the sake of others. Fiction gives you the freedom to be spontaneous and carefree.

My favorite style of writing is first person, present tense. I want the reader to experience the story exactly as the character does. It can be very emotionally intense.

Is there any genre that makes you uncomfortable to write?

As a rule, I don’t like writing a lot of graphic sex scenes, although some stories do require it. Ideally, I’d like to be the final judge as to how much sex is in a story and how graphically that sex is portrayed. The reality is that I frequently wind up adding more sex scenes to please the publishers.

I've heard you say (quite often) that you drink Absinthe. I never have, so would you please share with us what it is and how you drink it?

Absinthe is a very potent alcoholic drink, which can cause hallucinations. It tastes like liquid licorice and kicks like a mule. It’s very effective at releasing inhibitions and putting me in the right frame of mind for writing. Absinthe is nectar for the imaginations.

I've heard you're not supposed to let it touch your lips. What else has never touched your lips?

I’ve heard that too, but I don’t believe it. The only thing I love more than the taste of absinthe lingering on my lips is the taste of absinthe lingering on the lips of a beautiful woman.

As to the second part of the question, there are a great many things that have never touched my lips.

You told me you moved to Florida for the sun, sex, and fun? How is it?

Lately it seems like there’s too much of the first one and not nearly enough of the other two.

Now that you're Mister March, do you think you'll be doing more centerfolds?

I think I’ll pass on that.

Thank you so much for chatting with me today, Glenn, it's been a real pleasure. Is there anything else you'd like people to know?

I suppose this is the part where I should be plugging my previous books. They’re all available at Noble Romance Publishing. I particularly recommend Absinthe Eyes & Other Lies. It’s very unique and received many great reviews.

I would like to leave you with a short, beautiful poem guaranteed to touch the heart of any romance reader or writer. I wish it were mine, but it was written 750 years ago, in ancient Persia.

Jaleel al-Din Rumi

The tender words we said to one another
Are stored in a secret part of heaven
One day like rain they will fall and spread
And our mystery will grow green over the world.

Very sweet, Mr. March. And I have to agree with those reviews of Absinthe Eyes & Other Lies. It's a very compelling read, as is Mr. Bretz's contribution to Winter Kisses Anthology, A Schrödinger Christmas – Holly.

Absinthe Eyes

When a legend lingers for centuries there’s usually a bit of truth to it. For two hundred years people have whispered about the green fairy that lives in bottles of absinthe. Drink up. If you’re lucky you may see her. If you’re very lucky you may catch her. No one should ever be that lucky. Ask David, Vincent and Richard; three men with a few things in common. They have found inspiration. They have met the Muse. They have taken Dahlia to their hearts and to their beds. It cost them their sanity and their lives. If Stephen isn’t very careful he’s going to be number four.

Gunmetal Blue

Meet Blue—an ex-Confederate cavalry officer living off his wits and his guns in Reconstruction era Texas—and Sally—a young woman stuck in a loveless marriage to a man who only married her for her family name. When Sally's stage is attacked by robbers, Blue comes to her rescue. Together, they make their way across the Lone Star state. But when they reach a crossroads, the direction they choose will change the course of their lives forever.

Trill Song

Liwa is a young woman with a mission. She means to end the war that has drained her society of its best and brightest for centuries. When Liwa was seven, the Healer fled the village in fear of her life. She left her six year old son, Temo, in Liwa’s care.

Now Temo has come of age and Liwa is determined to keep him from being sent to war. Her efforts incur the wrath of the ruling Elders. Liwa must come to terms with her conflicted feelings for Temo, as the two of them fight their way north in search of the legendary Andrigorn valley and the one person who can help Liwa end the war: Temo’s mother.

A Schrodinger Christmas - Holly

She’s the girl who lives in his dreams, but she’s so much more than that. She’s the girl he was supposed to meet, twice. She’s the path he didn’t take, twice. That was forty years ago and you just can’t go back, except in dreams.

But it’s Christmas day. Miracles have been known to happen. Who knows? The third time just might be the charm.



  1. Never heard of Absinthe. Sounds wicked. Good luck with your work.

  2. Hi Glenn & Rie,

    I'm here to support you both on this wonderful post.

    Glen your books and excerpts really peak my interest. Have to add TBR list. Glenn does Absenthe taste like Annisette. That taste like licorice too. I guess it makes you feel like peyote does us Native Americans.

    When I'm in a Peyote ceromony the peyote clears my brain and I seem to be able to see the clarity of what I'm working on or thinking about.

    So your getting plenty of sun and not enough women. Well if you want a beautiful, sexy, intelligent, funny, sensual Native American woman. Just hit me up on email, lol.

    Rie it's always a pleasure.

    Teresa K.
    tcwgrlup41 (at)

  3. I loved what you said about your typical days--that they were as different as snowflakes. Wonderful interview. I wish you all the best.

  4. Great interview, Glenn and Rie!

    Glenn, your short stories rock! What you can do with 5,000 to 6,000 words is amazing. I've said before, but I've really gotta get my hands on some absinthe. :) Loved the poem you shared at the end too.

  5. Thanks for your nice comments everyone. Yes Teresa, absinthe tastes a lot like anisette. You should try it sometime.

    Hugs and kisses to all,

  6. Hello Mr. March!

    I like how you touch on the darker side of life in your stories.

    The first time I heard of absinthe was on a Highlander (television series) episode. One of Duncan's enemies had an absinthe habit. I have been intrigued by it ever since, but never had the courage to try it.

    Best wishes!